About Wilcraft

We began development of the Wilcraft in 1998, with the desire to make ice fishing safer, more accessible with unmatched mobility. By the end of 2004 we were able to introduced our design, it was well received. Manufacturing began in 2005 with the first unit delivered in January of 2006.

We are located in North St. Paul, Minnesota which is where the Wilcrafts are built, as well as continued R&D. Led by visionary inventor, Tom Roering, we at Wilcraft strive to find more ways to revolutionize ice fishing, hunting and outdoor recreation.

Our products are sold through qualified dealers. They can also be configured and ordered from the Wilcraft Outdoors website. Lead times ranging from 6 to 12 weeks. Units can be either shipped to you, picked up at the nearest dealer or picked up at the factory.

Our formal company name is Multifarious Inc. dba Wilcraft. Our informational website is http://www.TheWilcraft.com while our online store, known as Wilcraft Outdoors that you are currently on, can be found at http://www.TheWilcraft.net or http://www.WilcraftOutdoors.com.

Wilcraft Inventor Tom Roering

Wilcraft Founder and Inventor, Tom Roering

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