Bow Assembly for all Standard Wilcraft Enclosures

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Bow Assembly for all standard Wilcraft Enclosures. Order either as a replacement for a damaged bow assembly, or if you have more enclosures than bow assemblies. If you are switching enclosures back and forth on same bow assembly, it is much easier to leave each enclosure on its own bow assembly.

  • Lightweight and strong aluminum construction.
Bow Assembly Parts
If you have a damaged assembly, you may want to replace selected bow(s) or hinge bracket(s) instead of buying a whole new assembly. For reference, the bows are numbered 1 through 4 from front to back. Please call us to order bow assembly parts.


Dimensions of bow assembly require that it is either picked up at Wilcraft or freighted for around $150. If you want to pick it up at Wilcraft, choose that option when checking out. If you want it freighted, you should call us to order rather than order online.

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